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Tim Denison (Zaak)

Tim first became interested in paitings when his rather exasperated mother enrolled him for portrait painting lessons at the tender age of age. His big, scary sister had previsously learned to be an artist from the from the same tutor - Ingrid Erns. This was an elderly lady, who at last count, was owned by ten cats that would strike up poses and make silent comments on her students' work.

At this point in time Zaak and his family lived in Australia in the often surreally inspiring counter-cultural mish-mash that is the Aussie suburbs.

In 1986. after four years of hard work and lots of artistic fun, Zaak graduated from Underdale College with a degree in graphic design. This was to be his only formal qualification in art. Prior this he had studied painting, drawing and printmaking in the evenings, part-time at the Stanley Street School of Art (mainly abstract styles) whilst working at his eccentric father's electronic factoy during the day.

In 1990 he moved to England with his new family and has done various work - both freelance design and

cartooning. He currently lives in Fordingbridge and constantly draws inspiration and energy from the New Forest.

In his art Zaak tries to vary his subject matter as much as possible, contrary to following a set theme.

The unifying aspect of his work is he attempt to imbue each painting with a sense of disquiet and enigmaticness.

'I believe that there is a wonderful strangeness in all the subjects that have chosen me to paint and draw them. My task is simply to release these qualities and try to reveal them to those that see my work'.